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Lavender Wild flower Clover

Lavender Wild flower Clover

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Lavender Wildflower Clover:
-100% cotton dimity fabric
-2 shades of lavender
-Embroidered Clover Flowers
-Wildflower clover floral print with bees
-Piping along sides of chest both front and back.
-Vintage lace trim
-Three layer skirt
-Fully Lined
-Bloomer shorts in all sizes
-Size 12m-16yrs
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It's our five year anniversary sine we released our first ever Makena Lane Original, the Pink Clover. The first dress inspired by my sweet Mama. A seamstress herself and designer, one of her fave wildflowers were clover flowers. Simple, wild and free. Something her early onset Alzheimer’s stole from her those last years of her life. The Lavender Clover collection is in celebration of 5 years doing what I love in honor of my Mom and my sweet girls.

💜We will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this sale to Alzheimer’s research. Hopefully they will have a cure someday soon so more loved ones aren’t lost to us.
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