Wash instructions

Wash instructions for our Cotton and Viscose Knits:

To avoid fading or color bleeding or shrinking, as our cotton knits are 230g cotton knit which is the highest quality, thickest, soft and therefore very absorbent and the more care they require:

1. Always use color catchers (you can find in the laundry aisle at the store or amazon). DO NOT WASH WITH DARK COLORS. Light colors or better yet by themselves the first wash. 

2. Quick wash option on cold on your washer, the least amount of time sitting in water the better.

3. Lay flat to dry! 


Wash instructions on Woven Cotton Dresses:

1. Built in hard tulle dresses: Hand washing is always recommended.

2. If you place in washer, do it on quick wash, cold, alone or with like colors.

3. Always use a color catcher to be safe if with other items.

4. Lay flat to dry.


Wash instructions for Lounge:

1. Wash with like colors, not darks unless the lounge itself is dark.

2. Any cycle will be fine, lounge will naturally get some wash wear but they can hold up in any washing environment.  To protect the laces etc, we suggest color catchers and only like colors.


Wash instructions on our Claire dress (white swiss dot with red silk velvet): DO NOT WASH IN MACHINE. Spot wash, hand wash, do not soak the red velvet with the white, it will likely bleed.